Honest bids, quality installations, and industry-leading customer service. It’s a Rangel’s Guarantee.

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Honest  bids, quality installations, and industry-leading customer service, it’s a Rangel’s Guarantee.


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Rangel’s Waterproofing, Roofing, and Construction is an award-winning and highly-rated contractor located in St. Johns, MI serving the greater Lansing, MI Region. We provide honest bidding, quality installations, and industry-leading customer service. Don’t just take our mother’s word for it, our customers provide our best references.


• Basement Finishing

• Basement Waterproofing

• Egress Windows

• Foundation Repair

• Foundation Crack Repair

• Water Management

• Michigan Basement Sealing

• Home Additions

• Sump Pump Replacement

• Roof Repair

• Roofing

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    We are a licensed and insured contractor and we stand behind our work.

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    What our clients say about us matters more than what we say about ourselves regardless what our therapist says. Over the years we have made customer service our highest priority.

    Best basement finishing compoany

    Award-winning service as rated on Home Advisor. “Best of” winner 2017!

    Don & Tammy Lambert

    “We were extremely pleased. The budget and timelines were right on. Very Fast. The cleanup was flawless. We couldn’t believe how fast they were able to do it.”


    Ava Towns (Google Review)

    “I had rotted boards and the external water protection on my wood foundation had ripped. The water from the downspout had washed the dirt away compromising my foundation. Vince gave me a 3 day estimate. Amazingly they completed the work in one day! They replaced the exterior sheathing protection, ran the downspouts out away from the house and replaced the boards. They protected my lawn, were courteous and did a wonderful job. I would definitely recommend their work.”

    Angie’s List Reviewer  05/06/2020

    “Fantastic! They were able to start the job less than a week after I called. They did a great job. They were on time, clean, and respectful. Colin was great to work with. The crew showed up bright and early and stayed until the job was complete. They got it all done in one day.”

    Eddy H. (Home Advisor Review 5/24/2020)

    “Good response, willing to go that extra mile for you. Very professional!”

    Stephanie K. (Home Advisor Review 10/13/2019)

    “They were able to come evaluate my roof leak and fix it within 1 week. Their price was great too, I didn’t have to submit a claim with my insurance company”

    Allen J. (Home Advisor Review 10/9/2019)

    “Rangel’s representative, responded immediately to my RFP after hours for a roof shingle replacement and repairs to the sagging frame in the valley of my roof. He inspected the roof to find all the areas of concern that needed special attention. All of my issues were due to the poor workmanship, shortcuts and failure to address construction issues by the prior contractor. Rangel’s crew was out as soon as the weather allowed. They were courteous, hard workers and did a professional job. They cleaned up great afterwards including blowing off all sidewalks and even trimmed some tree branches for me. My roof is now level and looks great!”

    Arthur H. (Home Advisor Review 9/17/2019)

    “They roofed a large shed for us. Extremely polite, worked quickly, cleaned up all trash and debris. Would not hesitate to hire them again for a project.”

    Angie’s List Reviewer 09/03/2019

    “It was excellent. I couldn’t be more pleased and I would use them again and I would highly recommend to my family and friends. They were super friendly, very nice, very professional, they couldn’t have been nicer and better.”


    John Brophy

    “Rangel’s installed a full perimeter drainage system in my basement including 2 new sealed crocks and 2 new sump pumps w/ battery backups. The estimate process was straightforward. They took a reasonable amount for deposit to get on their schedule. They took my deposit on a credit card which was nice. They started the project within the window of time they promised. They were very contentious of my home – they put down paper runners on my 1st-floor hardwood and covered the basement stairs with plastic. They also covered all my belongings in the basement with plastic tarps. The duration of the job was as promised (about 4 days). Their workers were super friendly and clean cut. After the job was done they cleaned up and left me with the needed manuals and materials for my new pumps. They were available via phone and text for questions which was important because my wife and I work full time. They were in my home without us there for the duration of the job and we have no complaints. I happily recommend Rangel’s for your basement and foundation work.”

    Kristy Seibold

    “Rangel’s did a fantastic job starting with their willingness to quote a “best” and “worst” case scenario. The other bids we got simply wanted to do the biggest, most expensive project even before they opened up the floor where the very small amount of water had dribbled in during the big flood in February. The bid was a little bit less than the competition, but even if it had been more, it was worth it because they were willing to dig, then determine the best remedy. My second favorite thing about the work this company did was how neat and clean they were as they set up, did the job, and then cleaned up. They left the basement, garage, and driveway cleaner than they found it! I definitely recommend Rangel’s Waterproofing! Thank you Rangel’s!”

    Janae Delong

    “Good price, on time, dug a huge trench in my front yard for a sump pump and put it ALL back so that can barely tell anything happened there! Cleaned up …everyone very nice, thanks”

    Theresa Lynch (Google Reviewer) 

    “The workers were very professional and respectful. I had my wet basement water system replaced and a wall supported, they were very meticulous about the work and clean up. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

    Jeff Bezos (Not a Real Reviewer)

    “Are you still reading these? Impressive… most people don’t make it this far. We have a lot more reviews on our Google, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List pages. Feel free to check them out, but really… what’s taking so long? Just call us already.”

    How many more testimonials do you need to read?

    Construction Company

    Rangel’s Basement Waterproofing and Construction is a fully licensed and insured contractor. We are family-owned and have been in operation for over 25 years. Our repair methods are trusted by builders, companies, businesses, and homeowners alike. 

    Ranked one of the top waterproofing providers in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Flint, Okemos, St. Johns, and the surrounding area we provide basement wall crack repair, foundation repair, basement waterproofing, water management, egress installation, and many many more home and commercial construction solutions. Call us first about your construction project.

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    Construction Services

    With over 25 years of experience, we have the know-how to get the job done right. Really, let’s face it… after 25 years we should have figured it out by now. From basement construction to roof installations, we stand behind our work. Here is a brief overview of our construction services written by an overly caffeinated copywriter.

    Basement Finishing

    Guest Suites • Bedrooms • Family Rooms • Bathroom

    Looking to add living space to your home? Possibly a media room, home office, or guest suite? Maybe you just need another bedroom so your children will finally stop screaming at each other? Turn that dungeon under your home into bright and airy living spaces where the family can gather, work gets done, or Tyler can be self-quarantined while adolescence transforms him like a beautiful angst-ridden butterfly.

    Egress Window Installation

    Custom Residential & Commercial Egress Window Installation.

    Installing a basement egress window is a great way to add equity to a home. Without an egress window, a basement room cannot be counted as a bedroom at sale, it does not meet code requirements, and will not provide an efficient means of escape if the FED’s come knocking on your door about that website you stumbled onto while trying to find a play dough recipe for your grand children. Installing an egress window also means cutting through the foundation of a home which means a proper watertight seal along with some form of water management is critical. As basement waterproofing specialists we are uniquely suited to egress window installation.

    BASEMENT Crack Repair

    When a crack appears in the foundation of a home it can create much larger structural damage if left unaddressed, especially if the crack is allowing water infiltration. Repairing cracks in basement walls early prevent more costly foundation repairs down the line. While sometimes a basement crack can be repaired from the inside there are many scenarios where the crack needs to be addressed from the outside as well. We will do it right. What are you waiting for? We have nothing funny to say about this.

    Basement Waterproofing

    Interior & Exterior Repairs

    While there is no shortcut to basement waterproofing we do try to keep our process as simple as possible.

    FIRST. We assess the issue to identify its actual root cause.

    SECOND. We tailor a water management solution that addresses the issue.

    THIRD. We take three deep breathes while counting to 30.

    FOURTH. We scream into a couch cushion, nearby bush, or tree hollow.

    FIFTH. We calmly visualize a beach in Fiji while shutting down the emotional centers of our brain.

    SIXTH. We get down to the dirty work of implementing the solution.

    99.8% of the time we skip steps 3-5.

    Solutions can come in multiple forms, from an internal basement water drainage system to external water management to move water away from the foundation of the home. Whatever the cause, we will find it, whatever the solution, we can handle it.



    Michigan Basement Repair & Encapsulation

    Residential & Commercial Repair

    Living in Michigan means fluctuating weather, changing seasons, feuding between Wolverines and Spartans, and residential and commercial buildings with the dreaded Michigan Basement.

    While these stone-walled-foundations have the timeless beauty and the romantic allure of a deep-seated hatred for Ohio State, the problems they create are numerous. From collapsing foundations to water intrusions and easy access by rodents and wildlife, the need to fully encapsulate Michigan Basements is clear. We specialize in Residential & Commercial Michigan Basement Repairs and Encapsulation.

    Contact us today for more information.

    Water Management Systems

    Lawn Water Management • Underground Gutters • Dry-Well Installation • Irrigation System

    When it rains do neighborhood children flock to your lawn, kicking splashing and playing like vagrant birds to a birdbath? Do you have portions of your lawn that you can’t use or mow because water always seems to collect there?

    Water collects for a number of reasons and although it is not always “necessary” to fix there are times it absolutely should be addressed. Times like when Jerry’s kid starts thinking it’s hilarious to hold the neighbor boys head under water, or when the rainwater coming from your roof is putting back pressure on your foundation.

    In these cases installing an underground water management system can both relieve pressure off your foundation, and send Jerry’s kid back to his own yard dry and disappointed.

    Does your lawn have water collection issues? Are you looking for a better rainwater solution?

    Residential or Commercial give us a call.


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